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Pavadinimas: Sail My Boat
Autorius: Elzė Grigonytė-Sipavičienė
Balsai: 455

peržiūros: ?
Die Hintergrundgeschichte zum Song: Gyvybės upė vis teka, teka, ar man irtis prieš jos srovę, ar kartu leistis į kelionę?
Lyrics: I have travelled so far Through the hilltops and valleys Against the tide I rowed my boat Now the wind has brought me back

 And I’ve been asking myself If there’s a place under heaven Where I could lay down my head and rest Sleep until the dawn Sleep ‘till morning comes Sleep ‘till mourning’s gone And I’ve been walking around But haven’t yet found that sweet nest Until that day I’ll take some rest Let the wind sail my boat Let the wind sail my boat Let the wind sail my boat 
And the wind takes good care of me And the wind combs my hair for me So on these waters we sail today On the river I fail to name And the wind he calms my storms While the river sings my songs
Performer: Elzė Grigonytė-Sipavičienė, Martyna Vedeckytė