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Title: In Your Heart Is My Vocation
Author: Joseph Gulliford
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Die Hintergrundgeschichte zum Song: This is a song that summarises the ups and downs of my vocational discernment. At its heart, the song is my testimony to trusting and putting Jesus first, especially when things are unclear or not as we might wish them to be. It reflects my journey into that deep and unknown place, where God called me to make a deeper surrender to His will. With trust and openness, and certainly heartbreak along the way, the path eventually becomes clear.
Lyrics: All of the choices and voices telling me who I’m meant to be But we are the branches and Jesus You are the tree Where shall I go? On You I call, to You I go, You saved my soul Hoping and trusting You will unveil this mystery Deeper and deeper down we go Into a well I’ve never known Still Your love has carried me so well, though in the dark I could not tell And even when I couldn’t see, You had a marvellous plan for me Jesus I will dare to trust in You For in Your heart is my vocation Though broken, I’m open to embark on this journey My vocation awakens when You take the wheel from me I thought those wedding bells would come, but I was wrong, my heart was stung In deeper surrender I find new fruit on Calvary Jesus, where did You go? Tell me Jesus, where did You go? When I was alone and my heart it yearned for You You were hidden in me, deep within me, You were hidden Your grace has set me free now to live for You alone I resisted, but You persisted and then enabled me to see The Priesthood just as You did, I did not choose You but You chose me Let it be so - for this I know - outside Your will, I’d hunger still Now I find fulfilment pouring my life out completely
Performer: Joseph Gulliford