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Title: Walk Onto Water
Author: Kate Flanders
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Die Hintergrundgeschichte zum Song: I wrote this song after being inspired by the Bible passage on Peter walking onto the water with Jesus. The calling on my life has been to lead worship and to produce music for the glory of God, and sometimes that can feel like a real leap of faith onto a body of water that sometimes feels really unsteady. So I wrote this song to capture all that goes on in my relationship with God during that; feelings of uncertainty, trust, calling and comfort all at the same time. This song has a really special place in my heart and I hope that it could relate to people beyond just myself.
Lyrics: Verse I step out onto waters deep, Feel the waves swell at my feet, And I see you waiting patiently for me, No one but the the son of God, Could call me out onto these seas so I will walk out all to be with you Pre When I wrestle with my doubts, And you hear me calling your name out, That echo rings “don’t feel afraid”
Cause there wasn’t a moment where you didn’t stay Chorus The life in my lungs, All comes from you God, So I will follow, Wherever you call me out, To see your kingdom come, To see your will be done, To be your hands and feet, I’ll go wherever you send me Verse So build my trust in you alone, And see me through into the dawn, I lay down everything to seek your heart, Purify my dreams again, A taste of heaven here to stay, All of it to glorify your name
Performer: Kate Flanders