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Title: Breath Of Life
Author: Vernon Fernandes
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Die Hintergrundgeschichte zum Song: This song stems from hearing the call of God but not knowing how to respond or even being afraid to respond generously. The song is a reflection on the example of our Blessed Mother Mary at the Annunciation, her "yes" to God, the example of our Lord Jesus during His agony in the garden of Gethsemane, submitting to the will of our Father, and the action of the Holy Spirit (the "Breath of Life") in our souls. Without this Breath of Life we would be unable to respond with our own "yes" when called to service, in whatever area of family life, church life or vocation that may be. God keep calling us! We want to hear Your voice above the clamour of all other voices!
Die Hintergrundgeschichte zum Lyrics: Our Mother full of grace, “Do not be afraid”, Mirrored Jesus in her obedience, “Let what you have said be done to me”. Breathe life in us, A new life, lived to serve. Distress and fear came over Him, His soul so sorrowful, “Take this cup away from me but let it be Your will not mine”, Our Father in Your holy Church, may Thy will be done! The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Breathe life in us, A new life, lived to serve. We will wait for You! Stay awake for You! Shout our praise for You! Run this race for You! Breathe life in us, A new life, lived to serve.
Performer: Vernon Fernandes