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Title: Here I am
Author: Petra Stoffel
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Die Hintergrundgeschichte zum Song: This song is written from God's perspective and gives voice to His call - the calling of each and everyone of us to our most fundamental vocation - that of worthiness in His eyes. When life throws difficulties our way, it is easy to fall into believing that we are worthless, weak, alone, and incapable of living love and living in love; we might miss our individual calling(s) if we don't begin to embrace that God sees us as worthy, deserving, eternally loved, beautiful, and powerful. This song is an invitation to every listener to boldly step into their greatness as a child of God - in faith, joy, and humility.
Lyrics: Did you know that you are beautiful, more beautiful than you can see? Did you know that you are strong, stronger than you thought you could be? I could never leave your side for you are a part of me Here I am, be strong x4 Did you know that you are capable of more than you ever dreamt? Did you know that you have more to give, to be a friend and helping hand? You can make a difference in this world, a change of thought is all you need Here I am, be strong x4 You are worthy, you are deserving of plentiful You have purpose, you are wanted, you're powerful See my delighting, hear my rejoicing over you Look through my eyes, and you will see that you're wonderful Here I am x4
Performer: Petra Stoffel