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Title: Beyond Imagination
Author: Angela Byrne
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Die Hintergrundgeschichte zum Song: This song is about remembering how powerful and loving God is. It is about putting our lives in His hands and simply trusting. In my own life, the Lord has and continues to lead me on a journey of trust and surrender of all the small things I worry about, as well as the greater decisions I have to make, knowing that He has a great purpose for me. The idea to write this song stemmed from a time when I was up on a mountain, looking out at Creation and thinking "He made all of this for us!" I felt so immensely safe, loved, and known in that moment and I decided to put it down in words 🙂
Lyrics: Look at the stars Can you count them? They're part of galaxies Beyond Imagination Look at the cross Can you fathom The overwhelming love Of the Lord of all Creation? He says My darling, you are beautiful No matter what they say I love you, I have chosen you And I call you by your name It's all for you Everything is for you You feel like a bird With a broken wing Afraid to fly in case you fall But just trust in Him 'Cause all of your worries They don't mean a thing He has a plan for you Far greater than you can imagine (Chorus) In weakness, He's your strength He'll love you until the end of time (Chorus)
Performer: Angela Byrne