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Title: God Is Working In Me
Author: Obehi Oribhabor Obehi Oris
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Die Hintergrundgeschichte zum Song: When God is truly at work in you, your vocation automatically commences. You lay aside every weight that makes you drift away from him (Hebrews 12:1), you die to self ( Galatians 2: 20-21) and count every earthly gain as losses except Christ who is the living Word ( Philippians 3:8). In our daily work with God, we are expected to wear the helmet and breast plate of salvation ( Ephesians6: 11-20). This is time to allow God's spirit invigorate us for the journey ahead because we have been called to serve. As the apple of His eyes and being engraved in his palm, we are equipped for our vocational journey of service in His vineyard and assured that He has us under His watch, thus safety in Him is inevitable!
Die Hintergrundgeschichte zum Lyrics: Lyrics Verse 1 A call to serve, A call to work for him. A death to self, And a rise to life in him. No more sorrow, No more pain, we serve the Lord. Hope for tomorrow, Christ is gain, the Word. Chorus God is working in me, He calls me friend. God is working in me. Through Christ my strength (my strength) x2 Verse 2 Sound the melody of your praises, let it rise to him. No more jeopardy, you have been saved to save others. Wear the helmet and the breastplate of salvation. You have been called in one accord, your vocation. Repeat chorus Refrain Through Christ my strength 2x I am the apple of his eyes. Through Christ my strength 2x I am engraved in his palm. Repeat chorus (modulation) My vocation My vocation is to serve the Lord 'Cause God is working in me My vocation is ti die to sin My vocation x4
Performer: Obehi Oribhabor