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Title: What do I do?
Author: Abigail Beckett
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Lyrics: I was told In life I’ll find That I’m standing at a crossroads With comfort far behind The road to take They said I’ll know But I think I’m none the wiser Which way do I go? What do I do To give my life to you ‘Cause I feel like everybody knows which path they should pursue How do I say I don’t know the way When I hear you calling out my name There’s this voice In my ear Saying why continue onwards When you can just stay here You’ll get lost So why not wait But I know you are there to guide me Although I hesitate What do I do To give my life to you Cause I feel like everybody has already thought it through And when I say All I want is to stay I can hear you calling me to pray When I feel the smallest goals I can’t fulfil And my fear makes mountains of the smallest hill Though my doubt and worry strive to keep me still Here I am oh Lord I come to do your will So what I’ll do I’ll dedicate anew All the struggle toil and failure on my road to get to you And I know When I’m ready to go That you’re always there to lead me home.
Performer: Abigail Beckett