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Title: "Your love is freedom"
Author: Isabel Johanna Maier
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Die Hintergrundgeschichte zum Song: Twenty years ago Jesus called me to live a consecrated life. Since then he is my saviour and my best friend. In the last years I wrote some songs, which he wants me to give to others to encourage them and to bring his light into this world.
Lyrics: Refrain: And oh your love is freedom - And oh your love is power Verse 1: You, you make me whole You still do wonders in the power of your name You, you make me new The greatest love I' ve ever found is in my arms Bridge: And when you tell me of your plans Your spirit overwhelms me so You show me there's so much to do The world is waiting for the greatest love Verse 2: You, you make me brave I loose my fear to bring you to the ones you search You, you make me rich I may be poor but deep inside I have it all Verse 3: You, you make me free You break my chains and give me freedom for my soul You, you make me strong You take my weakness when your power fills me up Verse 4: You, you call me out, out of a world of chaos, lovelessness and sin You, you draw me in, into your kingdom full of love and peace and joy Verse 5: You, you give me light to fill the darkest corners of this world with hope You, you've chosen me to tell them there's a deeper meaning in their lives.
Performer: Isabel Johanna Maier, Julia & Christina Müller, Richard Sohler