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Title: Little Life
Author: Suzanne McJimpsey
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Die Hintergrundgeschichte zum Song: The calling of motherhood/fatherhood parenting, being an aunt, uncle brother, sister, God-parent..just caring for and loving. Answering Gods call to love and help nurture life look after and protect. We are all Gods children and called to love. It’s a universal song which can be applied to anyone on the planet. It’s a promise from the heart to accept responsibility to pray for that child.
Die Hintergrundgeschichte zum Lyrics: I don’t believe you’ll ever starve of affection, cause we are here to give our love and protection. Stand by your side and watch you grow. We will care enough to let you know, all the while, just wanna see you smile. Oh your eyes, they’ll always shine, strong and bright, little child of mine. Don’t despair, you’ll always be fine, you’ll never fault, in your little life. Oh little life. We will laugh a lot, have happy days in the sunshine, enjoy the things that happen once in a lifetime. Take your steps and we’ll follow you, and make sure nothing ever bothers you, all the time, cause we’ll be right behind. Cause your eyes, they’re gonna shine, strong and bright, little child of mine. Don’t despair you’ll always be fine, you won’t be lost in your little life. Oh, precious little life!
Performer: Suzanne McJimpsey