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Title: Raise You Up
Author: Emily Boyd (Vallente)
Votes: 128

Views: 2001
Die Hintergrundgeschichte zum Song: A friend prayed for me, and when she prayed, she had a vision of me in a cave, unable to escape the cave I was desperately trying to keep alight a small flame, but I was almost killing myself being smothered in the smoke. She said she couldn't understand what God was telling her, how someone who looked so bubbly and so happy could actually be trapped in a cave, and smothered. As I wrote this song I started to unpick that vision, I knew immediately what it was about, and I knew without a doubt that she had seen a glimpse of what only God knew. She told me God was inviting me out of that darkness, to live the life he was calling me to. The song talks about the darknesses we face in our lives, but how God knows us by name, how he enters into our lives to raise us from that darkness, we only have to trust him, trust that he can do that for us, that he wants to raise us, raise up the dry bones, bringing each of us to life in his own way. Showing us the good plans he has for us, in his own perfect timing. Drawing on Gods constant yearning to raise us into the personal vocation he has called us to.
Lyrics: Verse 1 : Come out, Come out, from your hiding place. Come out, Come out, from the darkened space. Come out, Come out, I know you're name. Verse 2 : Come Out, Come Out, you've been here before. Just take my had, open the door. Theres life outside, I made, just for you. Chrous: I wanna raise you up, I wanna raise you up, I wanna raise you up Verse 3 : Just lift your head. Open your eyes. See what I see. The truth inside. I have plans, plans for you. Chorus : I wanna raise you up, I wanna raise you up, I wanna raise you up Bridge : The stone the builders rejected, became the most precious of all, even when you're rejected, you're so precious to me, you're so precious to me Breakdown: So raise up, raise up from your hiding place, raise up, raise up, from your hiding place. Chorus / Outro : I wanna raise you up...
Performer: Emily Boyd